Coram Boy - Year 7 & 8 Bookclub

We had another great year 7 & 8 Bok Club last month we discussed ‘Coram Boy’ by Jamila Gavin. An exciting historical novel that raises very serious issues- child labour- abduction- slavery- and social attitudes to pregnancy and marriage, as relevant now as in the eighteenth century when the book is set.
Over a supportive plate of chocolate biscuits we were able to discuss morally repugnant characters such as the Coram Man himself Otis Gardiner and the marvellous and uplifting strength of Aaron and Toby’s true friendship across racial and social divides.
The novel spans ten years from 1741 to 1750 at the height of a rapidly expanding gin-riddled Georgian London and we were able to reference Hogarth for his graphic images and Handel for the soaring beauty of his Messiah- both of which feature in the book. It was a fantastic start to a Sunday.

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