The Clockwork Conspiracy By Sam Sedgman

The Clockwork Conspiracy By Sam Sedgman

Fantastic read for all 9+ and a great one to share at bed time although you'll find it hard to stick to reading just one chapter a night!

If you have enjoyed the wonderful Adventures on Trains series you'll recognise Sam's name as the co-writer behind the series with MG Leonard. 

The Clockwork Conspiracy is a fast paced adventure set within the Palace of Westminster - the meeting place of our Parliament and the home of Big Ben. I really enjoyed the setting and Sam has placed his adventure firmly within the political heart of the UK. In a year when we will be going to the polls to elect our next government this book will capture and whet the interest of lots of young readers in the architecture, rules and traditions of our Parliament. 

Aspiring inventor Isaac Turner lives with his dad, the horologist in charge of Big Ben. But when his father vanishes from the belfry on the night the clocks go back, leaving behind only a smashed pocket watch and a cryptic message, Isaac determines to find him.

Hunting a trail of clues through London landmarks, Isaac uncovers a sinister plot in the gears of government and embarks on a race against time to save his father and time itself.

And of course as part of the trail of clues Isaac and Hattie cross London and find themselves at the home of time in Greenwich Park at the Meridian line and they certainly don't join the tourists looking at the view across London- the clock is ticking and every single second will count...