A blank piece of paper ...

As I sat down to write a rather last minute grant application I found myself scrolling back through photographs of events and activities that have taken place since Ottie and the Bea started back in September 2010. The past two years have called for a different approach to life for all of us. As a small business it really has been just about firefighting to keep going. 

But having spent the last few days re looking at what I set out to achieve and what I believe is at the core of what I want to do. Our stated mission still holds true to be 'purveyors of playfulness, storytelling and creativity'.

Playfulness : At the core of Ottie and the Bea is a belief in the fundamentally necessary nature of play in the healthy brain development of children, and the importance of play as a means of developing key life skills.

Storytelling : Stories, both spoken and read, are a vital way of understanding the world in which we exist, and a means of empathizing & understanding the life experience of others.

Creativity : Carefully nurturing creativity helps children grow emotionally, socially, intellectually, and physically; and through creative play, children develop skills which enable them to express their thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

What a treat to flick back through all the photos of all the events that we have held, hosted and participated in and there's one constant - all the smiles !!

So, having faced the blank pieces of paper with trepidation I am now feeling much more positive about what the future might hold.