Barnes Children's Book Festival

What a perfect setting for a children’s book festival. We walked through the woods to our first event with the wonderful @emmacarroll2603 . Lovely to see independent #barnesbookshop at all the events. We happened across a wonderful event with Marcia Williams who had invited a special guest- Olga and the tale of the quilt that was the inspiration for #cloudboy . @officialrosswelford amazed us with his magical talk and then @mazauthor had us all laughing in the aisles!
And in between we had a magical moment. It was time for pizza and in Barnes they cook their wood fired pizza in the back of a jeep #obvs #tasty and just next door we spotted @thepoetrytakeaway So we queued and offered the kindly poet some of our pizza to keep them going. We were asked for a few facts and answered the questions honestly and when we returned an hour or so later this is what we were read and handed “‘What Is A Book’ our poet turned out to be the brill Joshua Seigal - made a magical day #amazing @barneskidslitfest thank you we had a wonderful day.