School Author Event with Elle McNicoll

On Friday I was extremely lucky to be present at Scottish author Elle McNicoll's event at Thomas Tallis. And I was immediately reminded of how inspiring and important author events are. 

I witnessed a hall full of year 7 children totally engaged with Elle, who brilliantly encouraged them to participate in discussions about neurodiversity. I saw children proudly introducing themselves to Elle eager to talk to her about dyspraxia, autism, dyslexia... I saw a cohort of children listening and hearing someone tell their story and hearing how she carved out her own place in the world. Elle told her own story of being a child who was bullied and who wasn't encouraged to dream big at school!  Well, there's no stopping her- she is an award winning writer and if you haven't read any of her books ....DO because they are fantastic;

A Kind of Spark

Show Us Who You Are

Like A Charm

And if you order them now you can enjoy the event discount!