The Emerald Secret - Year 5 & 6 Bookclub

Our two year 5 & 6 book clubs met to discuss Emerald Secret and the conversations abounded with these words- ‘Mysterious…Secretive…Weird…Adventurous…Technological…Futuristic…Exciting.’

Nat is perched on the prow of the Junko as it glides up the Thames one cold, drizzly night. London is to be her home for the next year, and it looks to be a strange and uninviting place after the bright lights and fast pace of Hong Kong. Little does Nat know that she and her dragon-robot, Fizz, are at the start of an adventure, one that will see them become lost in the high-tech world of one of her father’s games and seeking out a long-lost Chinese sword. Secrets that have been kept hidden for decades will be revealed and Nat will learn some startling things about her family, her future, and herself

Overall the Emerald Secret received a positive reception. When we revealed that the book is part of a trilogy they were surprised that this was the second book in that it stood alone as a story which could be enjoyed but some of them felt that it might have been advantageous to have read the first book and got to know Nat better and for the excitement of reading more of Nat’s adventures.

Many of the Book Clubbers LOVED the character Ivy, who was described by one as ‘a crazy maniac’. We all agreed that Susan Moore had created a really successful villain and we appreciated Moore’s use of malodorous descriptions to depict Ivy as the perfect, if a little smelly, ‘baddy’.

Others really enjoyed the dramatic quality to the plot with one Book Clubber, noting that they loved the ‘betrayal’ element. Everyone felt that Susan Moore had created a very enchanting, futuristic and yet terrifying imaginary world, which captured our imaginations, one Book Clubber commented that ‘Susan Moore had created a world within itself’.

Book Clubbers in year 4 and 5&6 received ‘wrapped’ books this month that they were able to decorate themselves, which prompted much discussion regarding book covers. Interestingly many Book Clubbers agreed that while book covers were important maybe it would be beneficial if more covers were plain, so that they weren’t so influenced by the exterior artwork when deciding what to read. We were really impressed that there had been no peaking! When we revealed the actual artwork of the Emerald Secret only three of Book Clubbers liked the cover, the others would not have selected the book to read.