The Lost Magician by Piers Torday- reviewed by Peter

The Lost Magician by Piers Torday.
"Fairy tale characters. The war is over. Surrender now and I shall release your Reader friend."
A truly epic adventure, 'The Lost Magician' is a remarkable modern homage to 'The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe' by C S Lewis, written post 'Wed Wabbit' by Lissa Evans, and Shrek.
'The Lost Magician' is set just after WW2, and it has lots to say on the futility and brutality of war, but with a cleverness and lightness of touch, Piers Torday also raises contemporary questions on nationhood and nationality which resonate in our present times of political turmoil.
He asks us to consider where the importance of stories lies in a world obsessed with facts and the forging of new futures.
"I will do my best to protect you from what is coming. But first you must look."
It's fast, it's fun, and very importantly it's funny, and lines are lyrical and poetic, whilst raising the most profound questions.
This is a story about stories, their importance in all of our lives, and the fine balance between fact and fancy.
It's great, and it's gripping.... Suggested age 8+. Read it.