Pom Maker

These tasty pom pom makers from 'Pom Maker' are perfect for everyone from beginners to advanced pom pom makers. Each pom pom maker is made of a solid beech wood and is painted with a non-toxic toy-safe paint, that makes it safe for all ages! Pom Maker's original 4 parts design makes wrapping yarn a breeze! Although Pom Maker have created their pom pom makers in one standard size they can make a large range of different pompom sizes. Depending on how many times you wrap, you can make pompoms in sizes between 2 – 3 1/2 inch (5 – 9 cm). Including the tiniest ones!
You’ll never be short of educational and entertaining resources, useful tips and lessons to fuel your creativity with your Pom Maker. On their Instagram and website, you can find video tutorials and printable projects to fuel your wildest pom pom dreams.

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