Year 4 Book Club’s Chat with Kara LaReau

On Thursday 2nd of February the Narnia Book Club at Ottie and the Bea were lucky enough to have a chat over Skype with Kara LaReau; she is the author of one of our favourite reads from last year- The Unintentional Adventures of the Bland Sisters, The Booty Myth from Abrams Publishing. Despite being over 3,300 miles apart, and five hours behind us in Providence, Rhode Island Kara took time to answer some of the questions our book club had.

Year 4 book club had been lucky enough to read The Booty Myth in proof form (the book is now out officially in the UK) and as with proof copies things are often changed before the final version is published. Kara explained that since we had read the book it had been renamed, before its official publishing in the States, to The Jolly Regina. When we questioned Kara as to why this had happened she conceded that it was due to some people finding the word ‘Booty’ a little too cheeky for the title of a book!

Kara also read a couple of chapters from The Jolly Regina, whilst donning a captains hat, and kindly answered all our questions. Have a listen to a recording of our chat down below….

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