The Professional Crocodile Review

There are lots of new titles coming from my favourite publishers over the next few months, and I am so excited to share them all with you. However the Professional Crocodile is one that I have been particularly excited to share with you all! 
The book shows what could be quite a mundane journey from waking up in the morning to arriving at his job, in such a way that it becomes an adventure filled with fresh stories on every page. Although there are no words it is easy to follow the Professional Crocodiles journey through the illustrations. Get ready to laugh at the comical characterisations of other commuters on the packed subway, or the smile at the generosity of the crocodile himself. If the adventure the Professional Crocodile takes to work is not exciting enough in itself, prepare to be surprised by the Crocodiles choice of employment.
This charming picture book is the work of both Giovanna Zoboli, the author, and Mariachiara di Giorgio, the illustrator. Mariachiara's illustrations are full of detail, which allows you to dive head first into the wonderful and enchanting world of the Professional Crocodile- as every character and environment he encounters feels all the more real. Her past experience as a storyboard artist & concept designer for films is evident throughout the book as she masterfully utilises varying page layouts.