White Fox by Chen Jiatong reviewed by Polly Delafond

White Fox by Chen Jiatong

This story is a true adventure book, it’s about magic, animal friends, sadness and a difficult quest.

White Fox is about a young, white, arctic fox called Dilah. He lives with his parents until they are shot down by a hunter and leaves him to discover the secrets of the moonstone (a magical stone that is supposed to lead animals to Ulla’s secret treasure so that they can turn human.) Dilah has to follow the moonstone’s arrow towards the treasure so he can turn human. Along the way, Dilah meets new friends and learns what friendship truly is.

This book is full of imaginative thinking, brilliant descriptions and a great plot.
I think that many people, including me, find it very hard to keep the words and descriptions flowing throughout the book and not to just force them out. I feel like this book keeps the words flowing with ease and when that happens in a book, it is truly a joy to read.This book also paints a brilliant picture in your head, so you feel like you can almost feel what is around you in the story.

If you’re about 8-10 then I recommend this book to you, as has great descriptions and you can’t ever be disappointed with the way its written. I really liked this book, and I hope lots of others will enjoy it too.

Happy reading, Polly Delafond, 11