The Boy in the Post by Holly Rivers

The Boy in the Post by Holly Rivers

I have just finished reading this wonderful adventure...

Siblings Orinthia and Séafra Shalloo are looking for something that will keep them occupied over the summer holidays as their mother is, as always very busy. They find themselves a summer job with the eccentric Grandy, who has collected a menagerie of furry and feathered animals as he attempts to establish an alternative mail service. And so their adventure begins....

The children are all especially fond of Geronimo, the homing pelican. But when the big bird fails to return from a delivery, Taber – the youngest sibling – is devastated; so much so, he mails himself to New York, where Geronimo was sent.
And then siblings Orinthia and Séafra follow suit, and so, we are off across the Atlantic with the twins in a freight crate.

As you might well imagine things don't exactly go smoothly but oh my goodness it's certainly an adventure and they meet some wonderful people along the way. Oh and to add another layer of excitement they are hotly pursued having accidentally stolen a rather precious stamp  :-)

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