The Week At World's End by Emma Carroll

The Week At World's End by Emma Carroll

It's 1962 and the Americans and Russians are arguing over missiles in Cuba. The journey of this story takes place in less than a week and is at the very height of the crisis. Everyday life is littered with references and hushed conversations, and there is a tangible sense of fear. Emma Carroll marks each day with an historical newspaper headline which  punctuates and places the adventure very much in its historical moment - heightening the sense of panic and for me the pace of pages turning.

We are thrown into the story and meet our two young central characters, inseparable friends who live opposite each other on a humdrum oh so boring Close which just happens to be called World's End. Their friendship gives them the confidence to navigate the situations they find themselves immersed in as they try to help a mysterious runaway girl. And we watch as they all grow in confidence and learn the power of their own voices.

As you follow them in the adventure you'll start to appreciate that their lives and the lives of those around them are far from humdrum, and when they hurtle towards the denouement Emma Carroll seamlessly brings everything together. This fantastically crafted book touches on so many issues that resonate with now. Emma firmly places the adventure itself in the lives of real people and through them we see history come alive. 

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ps. I should admit that i've always been a fan of Emma Carroll's writing and I can't wait to share it with you all x


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