Letters From The Lighthouse by Emma Carroll reviewed by Ottie (aged10)

Review of Leeters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll by Ottie (aged 10). You should probably know that Ottie is a big fan of all Emma's books....

It is the second World War and Olive lives with her mum,her sister Sukie and her brother Cliff.One night her elder sister suggests a trip to the cinema which ends in a bomb raid and worst of all Sukie is missing..As London grows more dangerously the minuteOlive and Cliff are evacuated to Devon with their next door neighbour's sister who will be accommodating them...However Queenie is also the Lighthouse Keeper and there seems to be a mystery there and a baffling coded note which seems to connect Sukie to Devon but will Olive be able to figure it out?

'I really enjoyed this book and I had no idea where the story was going to go until I read on, which I found exciting and made me feel as if I was there experiencing it all with Olive and her brother. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes WWII and has a taste for a proper mystery...'