Review of Rumblestar by Abi Elphinstone- Ottie

Ottie was adamant that she was going to be the one who reviewed Abi Elphinstone's latest book, the start of a new trilogy 'The Unmapped Chronicles' as she is a big fan of Abi's books.

"Rumblestar is an epic adventure that kept me gripped from the 1st to the last page"

Casper goes to the school at Little Wallops where he lives in a poky turret with his Mum and Dad. Treacherous hurricanes are sweeping across Europe and the United Kingdom leaving nothing but destruction in their path. One day Casper clambers into a broken grandfather clock to hide from one of the two school bullies who have intimidating him at every possible opportunity. He suddenly (and completely accidentally) stumbles into Rumblestar a place full of magical beasts of all shapes and sizes. The adventure begins- how excited you and I might be but not for a boy like Casper who hates adventures, and risks but is obsessed with lists and routine.

This is my absolute new favourite of all of Abi's books. And what I now want to know is are you a Bottler or a Ballooner? "

Rumblestar is published by Simon and Schuster this month