Book Review 3 - Asha & the Spirit Bird

Barry Cunningham's introduction to the book is spot on. 'unforgettable Indian adventure'

In her debut book , author Jasbinder Bilan has saught inspiration from her own family history and the book certainly took me to a wonderful new world .
Asha lives in the foothills of the Himalayas- money is tight and has forced her father to seek work in the city. But suddenly his letters stop as does the extra money he has been sending to the family... her mother is forced to borrow from a ruthless money lender.
Asha and her best friend Jeevan embark on an adventure that takes them far from their beloved homes and confronts them with unexpected challenges both physical and emotional.
The sense of the strength of Asha's family tie through the female line is beautiful. Her beliefs drive her decisions and actions throughout and there are wonderful moments of insight into Indian culture and life- the temple visit is magical as are the references to spiritual stories and the flora and fauna of this landscape is beautifully touched on.
Her Nanijee's re-incarnation in the form of an Iamagaia is handled brilliantly and Jasbinder drives the adventure through to a compelling conclusion.

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