The Graveyard Riddle by Lisa Thompson

The Graveyard Riddle by Lisa Thompson is another brilliant adventure from the author of Goldfish Boy (her debut book which won her lots of acclaim, and rightly so).

In The Graveyard Riddle we are back on Chestnut Close where Goldfish Boy took place. Melody Bird has discovered an old abandoned house in the corner of the graveyard and a mysterious boy who is hiding there. Hal tells her that he's a spy-in-training, using the house as a base for his undercover surveillance of a known  local criminal. Her friends Matthew and Jake don't believe that a twelve year old would be entrusted with this mission and turn the tables to spy on him, they uncover secrets and unravel a mystery as they go.

Lisa is so adept at dealing with really sensitive issues and we race along with the children as they seek to solve the mystery and gain a greater sense and  understanding of their own lives along the way.

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