The Midnight Hour by Benjamin Read and Laura Trinder

The Midnight Hour by Benjamin Read (author) and Laura Trinder (illustrator) published by Chicken House on the 7th February 2019

Emily has one of those really embarrassing mums and Emily’s mum has one of those really argumentative daughters- a match made in heaven. Emily is swiftly forced to realise that she doesn’t know much about who her parents really are and when they disappear in short succession Emily and her trusty companion Hog and a supply of sandwiches set out on an adventure. They venture into the secret world of the very vividly painted world of the Midnight Hour, a Victorian London, but not as we might know it; this a world filled with magic and monsters and some superb characters.

This book has been optioned by Altitude films ... and I can't wait to see it. But first of all, i'd give this a firm thumbs up as an exciting book to read.

The Bookseller said 'Fans of Nevermoor will love this quirky debut, fizzing with humour, scares and vivid world-building.'

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